Washington state bans the sale of gasoline cars starting in 2030

Washington state bans the sale of gasoline cars starting in 2030


Open road for the electric car industry. Washington lawmakers approved a measure that phased out the sale of gasoline vehicles starting in 2030.

The initiative called Clean Cars 2030 was approved on Thursday and will require state-owned companies to prepare to supply the electric car market. This measure will be applied in 2030, five years before those established in California and Massachusetts.

Additionally, Clean Cars 2030 represents the first order of its nature to be passed by legislators, rather than an executive order.

More electric cars on the streets
In September of last year, California signed an order prohibiting the sale of new combustion engine vehicles starting in 2035.

On the other hand, in December, Massachusetts unveiled its plan to ban new gasoline cars by 2035 as part of several measures to decarbonize that state in 2050.

These measures applied in several states of the United States is a great impetus for the development of the electric car industry, where companies such as Tesla and Rivian already have a large deployment of electric chargers throughout the North American country, and more and more companies of Traditional cars are launching electric versions of their cars.