Walgreens will pay $ 15 an hour as minimum wage to its employees

Walgreens will pay $ 15 an hour as minimum wage to its employees


The Walgreens pharmacy chain announced yesterday that it will raise the minimum wage for its employees throughout the United States to $ 15 an hour.

In an official statement from the chain, it was announced that the increase will be staggered from October until November 2022. It will apply in its 9,000 stores throughout the United States.

Several companies in the United States have announced increases in their salary scales in order to attract more employees to their workforce. In fact, in her communication, Walgreens CEO Roz Brewer stated that investing and rewarding members of her work team “is not only doing the right thing, but it is extremely important to retain and attract talent to our workforce. and to continue to fulfill our critical role in community health care. ”

Brewer noted that in the pandemic Walgreens has made additional investments to incentivize its employees.

The investment of the pharmacy chain for the salary increase was estimated at about $ 450 million for the next three years. According to the company’s statement, the impact will be partially absorbed in the normal course of its business operations.

In Puerto Rico, a measure has just been approved to bring the minimum wage in an enslaved manner to $ 10.50 by 2024.