Trump and Maduro recognize talks between the US and Venezuela

Trump and Maduro recognize talks between the US and Venezuela


The Southern Command denounced that the crew of a Russian-made SU-30 Flanker aircraft from Venezuela, “aggressively” pursued a US aircraft and that this action demonstrates Russia’s “irresponsible” military support for the Maduro regime. BY U.S. SOUTHERN COMMAND

Shortly after President Donald Trump said his government talks with Venezuelan “several representatives,” NicolásMaduro confirmed the rapprochement between the two countries.

Trump spoke superficially about the issue while receiving Romanian head of state Klaus Iohannis in Washington. Maduro later said from the coastal town of La Guaira that the contact was established for “several months” and that this was carried out under his “express authorization.” He added that contacts may follow.

The Associated Press reported the weekend that the United States made secret contact with the leader of the socialist party, Diosdado Cabello, while close friends of Maduro seek assurances that they will not be prosecuted for alleged crimes if they yield to increasing demands that Maduro leaves the power.

In his speech on Tuesday, Trump refused to state whether the rapprochement between his government and Venezuela included Cabello or not.

For his part, Maduro also said who participated in these dialogues. However, he said that with the contacts, a “conflict regulation process” is sought with the US government, with which he maintains strained relations since the beginning of the year after Trump recognized the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela, which led to the rupture of relations and the closing of the embassies of the two countries.

“I have sought a way for President Donald Trump to really listen to Venezuela,” Maduro said, assuring that the officials and collaborators of the US president “cover” the truth about the country.

Despite tense relations, the Venezuelan president was willing to talk to Trump to regularize relations. “We are always prepared to talk, to agree, to resolve,” he said.

Without mentioning the statement of the two leaders, Guaidó said Tuesday night that “we are at a point where the solution to the crisis is evident: 93% of Venezuelans want to change and the coalition that accompanies us understands and supports our cause “

The head of the National Assembly expressed in his Twitter account that he has worked hard since the beginning of the year to achieve a peaceful transition to democracy, and said that “we are not going to distend for a moment.”

A US official said in recent days to the AP that the goal is not to promote Cabello as a replacement for Maduro but to increase pressure on Caracas by fueling disputes that, in the opinion of the United States, could be occurring between different sectors of the ruling party.

During a press conference on Monday in Caracas, Cabello declined to comment on the meeting and even referred to it as “a lie, a manipulation.” However, he added that he has always been willing to talk with anyone, provided he has Maduro’s endorsement.

Negotiations between the government and the opposition that Norway sponsors remain stagnant and Maduro suspended them this month.

Trump repeated on Tuesday that his government helps Venezuela “all we can” for the country to solve its political and financial crisis, which he attributed to socialism.

“Fifteen years ago it was from one of the richest countries. Now he is one of the poorest, ”he said.

The UN estimates that at least four million Venezuelans have left their country due to hyperinflation and severe food and medicine shortages.