Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Visitor 12 million gamers

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert Visitor 12 million gamers


Fortnite’s second in-game concert by a famous artist has once again been a success and even broke the records of the previous concert!

This time, it was Travis Scott’s turn to deliver a huge spectacle to the Fortnite players. At least, he delivered his likeness and studio versions of songs to Epic Games.

The developers at Fortnite turned this into a real spectacle with lifelike character animations and very cool visuals.

For example, throughout the concert, Travis Scott is 50 times bigger than regular players and dances an entire area of ​​the Fortnite world. With each song, new effects were added, such as an underwater segment and a huge roller coaster suddenly appear.

According to Epic Games, this is the most visited online concert of all time, more than 12.3 million players watched Travis Scott’s Astronomical Event simultaneously.

Despite Fortnite’s decline in popularity over the past year, more people have seen Travis Scott’s Thursday April 23 performance than last year’s DJ Marshmello event.

The previous concert by DJ and Producer Marshmello had ‘only’ 10.7 million in-game players at the same time who enjoyed his music.

The Marshmello DJ concert from February last year was a lot simpler. Marshmello was behind his turntable and a few effects came along on different tracks. Think of weightlessness or a lot of balloons that fell from the sky.

It is not surprising that there were more players at Scott’s performance, almost everyone in the world is at home and has nothing to do, this is a nice diversion and fun experience to experience.

If you regret not attending the concert, don’t worry! The Astronomical Event will be repeated several times for players from other time zones, so the next concert will be at 4:00 PM this afternoon!