This bike is inspired by the locomotive "Joseph Stalin"!

This bike is inspired by the locomotive “Joseph Stalin”!


A Russian-based store has decided to go back to the time of the USSR to imagine a new motorcycle model, and the machine looks like two drops of water to Joseph Stalin’s steam locomotive built in the 1930s! Unfortunately, it may well be that nobody can see this motorcycle one day.

The Stalin Strike
In an article on October 9, 2019, the site Ride Apart describes what appears logically as a curiosity in the world of motorcycles. Baptized The Stalin Strike, this three-wheeled machine does not look like any other! Imagined by Asook Customs store located in St. Petersburg (Russia), the bike is very similar to the locomotive Joseph Stalin!

Indeed, its fairing imitates substantially the pace of the train, as its rounded shapes. The theme of the train is respected from beginning to end, as evidenced by the connecting rod connecting the engine to the rear wheel. In addition, the traditional handlebar has been replaced by two vertical handles located on each side. Note the presence of Soviet red stars composing the rim of the two front wheels!

However, there is no indication that this bike is really capable of driving. It could even be a simple work of art. Ride Apart even mentioned one of his sources that would have said that the engine was a simple random assembly of aircraft parts. However, it is a beautiful object, unusual and intended to pay tribute to what was a symbolic machine of the time of the USSR.

The locomotive Joseph Stalin
Prepared since 1929, the Soviet class IS locomotive was manufactured between 1932 and 1942 by V.V. Kuybyshev Locomotive Factory. Later nicknamed locomotive “Joseph Stalin”, it was for a moment the most powerful steam locomotive in Europe! Capable of spinning at about 180 km / h, it has been in the time of the USSR the most powerful locomotive – all models combined.

So obviously, we are very far from the future fastest Maglev train in the world that will reach 600 km / h from 2021 in China. But do not forget that this locomotive was a real arrow in his time! A total of 649 “”Joseph Stalin”” locomotives were produced and the last ones were used until 1972. In addition, one of them has survived! This is IS 20-317, which is today in Kiev (Ukraine).