This 3-year-old song about dinosaurs in love is viral

This 3-year-old song about dinosaurs in love is viral


It doesn’t happen to everyone that their first song immediately goes viral, but not everyone writes about dinosaurs who were in love.

On Tuesday evening, 33-year-old singer / songwriter Tom Rosenthal shared something amazing, not from him, but from his three-year-old daughter.

No other words for “Art.”

Rosenthal told Mashable that he and his daughter are often messing around in his studio and that is how the hit “Dinosaurs in Love” came about.

“I usually ask what she wants her song to be about, this time the subject was dinosaurs,” he explained.

“It was certainly a surprise that this went viral, something you don’t expect. It feels good to make a day better for a few people!”

When he first played the song for his daughter, she was a bit critical about it.

“She was quite critical about the middle part, in which she talks more than sings, but then she let me play it five times again,” he explained.

Rosenthal said his daughter likes to sing short songs in the studio, so more may come out soon.

And her response to the more than four hundred thousand views on Twitter?

“She can barely count further than seventeen, she will not understand what is half a million, I will explain to her when she is a little older.”