The US stopped exporting new NVIDIA artificial intelligence chips to China

The US stopped exporting new NVIDIA artificial intelligence chips to China


The announcement was issued by the nation’s Department of Commerce. The restrictions impact a range of NVIDIA chips and may also impact Intel as well as AMD.

The US is considering new restrictions to restrict the growth of artificial intelligence in China.

The nation’s Department of Commerce announced plans to block selling the latest AI chips in the Asian country, which will stop the growth in this area.


The United States has previously prevented China from purchasing NVIDIA H100 chips, which are most sought-after by companies that want to advance in AI.

In contrast, instead, the Chinese power company began working with H800 and A800 processors, which have lesser performance. However, the latest bans affect these processors too.

The company seems to have anticipated the restrictions and had anticipated that, while they had no immediate impact on the company’s earnings, they could be harmful over the long run.

“We respect all relevant regulations while working to develop products that are compatible with thousands of applications across diverse industries,” the company’s spokesperson told CNBC. “Given the growing demand worldwide for our goods, we don’t anticipate a major impact in the short term on our financial performance.”

However, NVIDIA isn’t the only one to suffer. The chips made in the name of Intel or AMD are being monitored by government authorities. The shares of these companies had dropped in the early hours of Tuesday.

Strong Hit

As per trade minister Gina Raimondo, the aim of the restrictions is to block Chinese access to the latest semiconductors, which could lead to advances in artificial intelligence specifically for military applications.

The official says that “it is not a plan to harm China’s economic development”.

“The modifications are specifically designed to limit access to computers. This will substantially slow the development of future border models developed by China. People’s Republic of China, and could be used to harm the US and our allies, particularly since the updates could also be utilized to aid in military operations. Modernization and modernization,” stated Raimondo.

Any company that wants to sell artificial intelligence chips in China will need to inform the Chinese government.

Raimondo stated that the new restrictions will impact only a tiny fraction of the chip exports that are made to the country.