Tesla, riding on the road and under the tunnel, the boring company conducted the race

Tesla, riding on the road and under the tunnel, the boring company conducted the race


Venture boring company of Elon Musk did something special in the past. The company made a 1.4-mile race between two Tesla cars and the race was special in many cases. While the first Tesla ran every day on regular traffic, the underground tunnel built in Cliff’s Hawthorn, under the headquarters of the Allan Musk company SpaceX, the same is in the underground tunnel. It is clear from this that who will win the race.

Tesla, who ran in the tunnel, was a winner and reached the finishing point 3 minutes and 8 seconds before the second Tesla running on the road. Not only this, as long as the telescope running on the road crossed the first red light, Tesla reached the finish line in the tunnel. The most special thing was that Tesla’s top speed of 127mph was recorded in the tunnel. Before this, the speed is much higher than the events in December.

During past events, the journey of Tesla cars was not as smooth as this time, for which Allen attributed to poor Pwing machines. According to video footage, the car looks better in the tunnel. The video of this race is posted on the company Twitter. Boring company has shared this video within the next 24 hours after getting the first approval of making tunnels under the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The boring company started with a tweet in 2016, in which Musk wrote, ‘Traffic is driving me crazy. I am going to dig into a boring machine and start digging. ” Under this project, Musk wants to change the way of transport, and his company is working on developing special taxis system. Hopefully, this project related to the tunnel will be completed by January 2021, at the Consumer Electronics Show.