Terragame Center: virtual reality at the gates of Paris

Terragame Center: virtual reality at the gates of Paris


Near Paris, the largest room in France dedicated to virtual reality (VR) has just opened. At the origin of the project, Terragame seems to be surfing on a new wave called “hyper virtual reality”. The goal is to push the boundaries of illusion and allow more immersive experiences.

The largest hall in France dedicated to RV
Terragame is a Belgian company specialized in virtual reality leisure centers. In addition, it develops its own VR applications. On November 16, 2019, Terragame opened a huge room of over 1000 m² in Corbeil-Essonnes, near Paris, the largest in the country.

“Do not play video games anymore, live them! Terragame’s slogan.

The concept of hyper reality takes shape thanks to a total freedom of movement giving the possibility to live more immersive experiences. The Terragame Center is bright, contains a relaxation area and even a bar. In short, there is everything you need to have fun for a few hours taking breaks from time to time! According to early users, this room denotes the atmosphere that differs from the usual rooms sometimes giving a feeling of confinement.

High-tech equipment and many games
The virtual reality park contains an area “arcade VR”, that is to say a succession of posts with many screens, VR headsets and other accessories. Each station provides access to fifteen different applications from the Steam catalog. More specifically, this equipment contains a modified Oculus helmet, equipped with additional sensors for more precision. We also find a computer MSI VR One that is worn as a backpack. There is also a plastic gun, rather light and ergonomic.

The lighthouse attraction of the park seems to be The Manor of the Damned, a half-hour experience in an imposing annex room. The eight participants will, however, have to follow a briefing of about ten minutes. Side scenario, nothing more simple. Indeed, it is about saving children trapped in a mansion – with a total surface of 700 m² – in the grip of zombies and other spirits. Finally, the video published at the end of the article speaks for itself and clearly shows what awaits the next participants!