Symptoms of shingles: the incurable disease that is activated by stress

Symptoms of shingles: the incurable disease that is activated by stress


I have a 56-year-old aunt who was diagnosed with shingles, she first started with a skin rash, and after two days she suffered from such intense pain that she couldn’t stand putting on her clothes or that the sheets on her bed touched her skin, maybe you think which is an exaggeration, but quite the opposite, the signs of this incurable disease are very intense, and if you have a very high level of stress you are likely to acquire it at any time in your life, therefore, I tell you what are the characteristic symptoms of shingles; It activates with stress, is very painful and can leave you blind.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, “shingles” is a viral infection that causes a very painful rash that can last several months, and in the long term, it also causes neuropathic pain (in the nerves of the affected area), the rash accompanied of small blisters, it remains in the body for two weeks to more than three months and it is said that one in three people will suffer at some point in their life.

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All of us who had chickenpox when we were children are prone to activate this disease. And you may wonder what one thing has to do with the other because I explain it very simply. The same chickenpox virus causes shingles or shingles. However, once you recover from the rash, the virus continues to sleep in the nerve cells, and many of us do not know that it is inactive in the body until stress awakens it and the symptoms become unbearable (in this note we tell you 7 signs of stress that you should not ignore).

The doctor who treated my aunt diagnosed shingles through a sample of the rash tissue. When he tested positive, he said that shingles are not contagious, that is, a person with shingles cannot infect another. However, you can activate the virus if you have already had chickenpox and live with someone who has it at that time, as well as if your stress level exceeds the limits.

Fortunately, he did not have many complications because he adhered to the treatment that included antiviral medications so that the outbreak would decrease and not be so severe, he was also prescribed painkillers and in case of itching apply a cold towel in the area, calamine lotion or oatmeal baths to relieve discomfort

Slide the cover photo to see what shingles symptoms look like on the skin

You mustn’t confuse this disease with nervous dermatitis since shingles are much more aggressive than dermatitis and if you do not treat it in the first three days of the eruption, a series of complications can occur, such as:

Postherpetic Neuralgia: Once shingles disappear, severe pain occurs in the areas where you had the rash. Most of the time it disappears in a few months, but it can also last several years and interferes with the person’s quality of life

Balance problems: Shingles also affects the ear and causes temporary or lifelong problems

Loss of vision: If it affects the area of the eye or if you scratch and then touch your eyes, you are very likely to lose your vision temporarily or permanently.

Facial paralysis: If the rash erupts somewhere on the face

If you already saw the PHOTOGALLERY (slide the cover photo of this image), you will know that it is impossible not to notice the symptoms of shingles. If you think you have it, I recommend you go to the doctor immediately to determine an appropriate treatment. Although it is a disease that has no cure, it is possible to dry the blisters quickly to limit the pain.