Streaming service Vudu has a mode to skip sex, violence, drug abuse scenes

Streaming service Vudu has a mode to skip sex, violence, drug abuse scenes


On September 12, Vudu, a streaming service under Walmart, announced a new feature that allows viewers to avoid sex and violence.

Anyone who has seen an R-designated movie on TV or an airplane will know that the content is “REDACTED” Vudu’s new Family Play option allows you to specify in more detail what your viewers do not like.

Specifically, you can turn filters on and off for sex, nudity, violence, drug abuse, and violent language. For the first three elements, Vudu skips the corresponding scene, and in the case of violent language, the conversation is muted. This feature is already available for over 500 movies.

Vudu executives said at an advertiser event in May that they could make a difference from other streaming services by creating content that can be seen by the whole family.

Vudu seems to have the same desire for original content. In today’s blog post, Scott Blanksteen, Vice President, said:

What will happen if we can become a streaming service that provides a great and safe viewing environment for families as the number of content grows, and many people watch? What will happen if the content and experience provided by Vudu are appropriate for the whole family, including children, to make the service reassuring to customers?

A streaming service called VidAngel was involved in a legal battle (finally declared bankruptcy) trying to sell a movie that was edited for a family several years ago. But unlike VidAngel’s decryption and editing of the DVD, Vudu told Variety that he was working with a movie company.

Vudu is working with the advocacy group Common Sense Media to evaluate and review “from a parental perspective” and develop a child-friendly viewing mode. And today, the first original series, “Mr. Mum,” will be re-launched and aired every Thursday with new stories.