Signal Is Updated with Many 'Borrowed' Features from Whatsapp

Signal Is Updated with Many ‘Borrowed’ Features from Whatsapp


Signal has become, overnight, an alternative to WhatsApp, along with Telegram, due to the massive exodus that is taking place from the app owned by Facebook. The stumble committed by those of Mark Zuckerberg with the change in the terms and conditions of the service has scared more than one user who has decided to make a small change in their lives.

And of course, there is nothing better to retain those users who are unhappy with WhatsApp than to offer them, either better functions (as is the case with Telegram), or the same experience of using the platform from which they come. And in Signal they have chosen this second way, updating the application with a whole battery of functions that will be familiar to you.

Signal and the WhatsApp mirror

Thus, Signal has begun to update its application in recent days, in a generalized way, to try to have a WhatsApp-friendly appearance as soon as possible. Hence, for example, they have run to include a dark mode and practically the same color and background customization functions as those of Facebook. As you can see by the captures that you have just below.

But that’s not the thing and those changes affect even more Signal elements. For example, the animated stickers, which have begun to arrive with a first pack that is already available, so it is to be imagined that in the coming weeks the collection will increase. Anyway, if we prefer to create our own, with the Signal desktop application we can do it quickly and share them with whoever we want.

Another function that comes to Signal is the saving of mobile data when we use the application away from a Wi-Fi network. This allows our mobile not to consume the rate too quickly, cutting especially in the flow of megabytes it consumes in calls, for example. More things? Well yes, point the shortcuts in iOS to share any content from another app to groups and specific conversations.

Another of Signal’s updates has to do with the possibility of activating or not the automatic download of multimedia content, photos and videos, to also save mobile data. And finally, video calls, which have also undergone improvements with a modification in the maximum number of participants: they have gone from five to eight, curiously the same limit that WhatsApp imposed last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.