Samsung Galaxy S10: price, release date, and full specifications

Samsung Galaxy S10: price, release date, and full specifications


The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be expensive. The prices are not set in stone, because as everyone knows, the price decline for many Samsung products in a short time is very strong. An expert forecast shows how the price should develop in the next twelve months.

Samsung Galaxy S10: the expected price decline
On February 20, 2019, Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus. The prices for the three smartphones should start at 749, 899 and 999 euros. The last generations have proved the fact that prices do not stay that high for a long time. The experts of the Ideally price comparison have published a graphic like every year, in which the price history of all three smartphones is displayed. And there we see, why it should be worthwhile to wait at least two months with the purchase:

Ideally based the analysis on the price trends of the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 and the respective Plus models. The data set is therefore relatively large.

Samsung Galaxy S10: price drop after 2 months
In the first two months, the regular Galaxy S10 crashes from 899 euros to 699 euros and thus lose 200 euros in value. A similar curve is to take the cheaper Galaxy S10e, which should cost less than 600 euros in two months. Only the Galaxy S10 Plus remains a little more price stable and should cost even after two months still about 820 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S10: price drop after 6 months
In the coming months, the price decline of smartphones is expected to stabilize slowly. After six months on the market, the Galaxy S10 should cost only about 630 euros. The Galaxy S10 Plus should be at almost exactly 700 euros and the Galaxy S10e at about 540 euros.

Samsung Galaxy S10: price drop after 12 months
After that, it is only in small steps down. After 12 months and shortly before the presentation of the Galaxy S11, the Galaxy S10 should be around 550 euros. The Galaxy S10 Plus at 630 euros and the Galaxy S10e at about 460 euros. Something similar it looks currently synonymous with the Galaxy S9, which is sold for less than 500 euros * – but also started at 849 euros. The amount of the price decline could, therefore, remain stable.

Samsung Galaxy S10: When is the purchase worthwhile?
If you really want to have the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e right from the start, you will not be deterred by the even higher prices and directly access them. Those who can resist the hype should wait at least two months until the first crash occurred. As soon as the sales figures stabilize, Samsung could help with various actions on where to buy accessories when buying – that was also the case with the previous generations. From the sixth month, you can then access and no longer have to worry that the price suddenly sank by several hundred euros.