Report on progress in the fight against dengue in Nicaragua

Report on progress in the fight against dengue in Nicaragua


The companion vice president Rosario Murillo, presented the figures of the Ministry of Health, on the progress in the fight against dengue.

He said that from July 30 to August 22, 1,833 confirmed cases are registered. And from January 1 to today, August 22, unfortunately, 12 deceased brothers.

“There is 999 thousand 100 visits house by house in the fight against the epidemic, fumigated homes 813 thousand 628 and 4,393 cleaning days. There are also 5,000 visits to schools and training in schools to more than 220,000 students,” he said.

To date, 21,479 suspicious cases were recorded, “that thank God they went well, they went ahead, and we continued the battle.”

Expo Taiwan 2019

Partner Vice President Rosario Murillo announced that the Taiwan Fair Expo in Managua began.

He said that “a number of Taiwanese exhibitors have come, also a delegation of businessmen presenting products manufactured there, lighting, systems, mills, stationery, office supplies, auto parts, cell phones, beauty products.”

He explained that the fair takes place “intending to continue to promote trade links and links to strengthen the economy among our peoples.”

The vice president also said that a gastronomic fair was held on Wednesday with the participation of two renowned Taiwanese chefs.

He commented that they gave a demonstration of gastronomy and, above all. What can be done in order to raise the level of training for the different hotels and enterprises such as hostels, hostels and all these projects that they receive with our Nicaraguan love and affection to our Visitors in tourist programs?

“Ambassador Jaime highlighted the ties of friendship between our peoples and governments,” said the vice president.

Nicaraguan diplomatic meetings

He informed that the Nicaraguan ambassador to Germany, Tatiana García, held meetings with people in business from that country and with local authorities.

And the Nicaraguan ambassador to the Dominican Republic paid a courtesy visit to the Apostolic Nuncio, Monsignor Ghaleb Bader.


He reported that the rains have been good, but in some places, some impacts are being addressed.

He said that in the last hours 6 earthquakes were registered in the territory, none of the concern.

Solidarity Housing

The companion Rosario informed that on Wednesday the protagonist Martha Elizabeth Rodriguez, received her solidarity housing from the authorities of the Mayor’s Office of Managua, with the support of the people and government of China (Taiwan).

Family economy

He stressed that 100 families are capitalized in the honey water treatment system to collect the coffee pulp, with an investment of more than 2 million cordobas.

Regrets accident in Leon

Comrade Rosario Murillo lamented the tragic accident that occurred in León and claimed the lives of three people.

“Speaking of León, yesterday there was this tragic accident, a frontal crash of two transport units, this was at kilometer 96.5 of the León – San Isidro highway. Three deceased brothers, workers of the Yazaki company, were originally from Quezalguaque. Big solidarity hug to the family of Luis Alberto Salmerón, Johnny Ñurinda, and Lisseth de Los ÁngelesOcampo, who was returning from work. 21 people injured, and most left the hospital, there were only two people left with a minor blow and a pregnant sister. We are going to follow up and our hug to all of them,” said the vice president.

Regional choir concerts

He said regional choir and symphony orchestra concerts will be held in Jinotepe, and festivals on World Folklore Day, coordinated by the Ministry of Education.


He informed that Inta inaugurated this Thursday at the Miraflores experimental center in Esteli, a laboratory with the capacity to annually generate one million seedlings of tomato, chiltoma, cabbage, lettuce, and cucumber. Producers from Madriz, Esteli, and members of China (Taiwan) mission participated in the inauguration.


He greeted the families of the El Campamento community, in Comalapa, Chontales, where families from 25 homes premiered the electric power service, with an investment of 1 526 thousand córdobas.