President Donald Trump demands new budget limit for $8.6 billion

President Donald Trump demands new budget limit for $8.6 billion


U.S. President Donald Trump can demand an 8.6 billion dollar amount to build a wall on the border in his upcoming budget proposal. American media said this on Sunday. Various American media reports published on behalf of unknown government sources said that the White House could present a budget proposal for the fiscal year 2020 on Monday.

According to media reports, sources said that Trump could demand double the amount of last year’s demand for Mexico to construct a wall on the American border with Mexico. Last year, he had requested $ 5.7 billion for the wall.

According to Xinhua, official sources said that this money would be used to construct a wall on a 700-mile (1127-km) long border. The financial year 2020 will start on October 1. The US Congress will have to pass a budget before this date so that the federal government can run its work smoothly after the start of the financial year 2020.

The White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow said in a media meeting on Sunday that the construction of the wall “holds the utmost importance” and hopes that the trump will continue to be with the plan of building the wall.