Planetary Diet Can Save Lives and the Planet, Says Review

Planetary Diet Can Save Lives and the Planet, Says Review


When people talk about diets, they talk about individual health, right? A recently-published review suggests that it cannot be the end of a diet. According to this new report, a new diet named ‘Planetary Health Diet’ is capable of saving not only the person’s life but also the earth that we are living now. This diet plan has been developed by an international group of scientists, who have considered the various impacts of the same.

Of course, the major idea is to reduce the impact human consumption has on the earth. To materialize this, the diet includes more fruits and vegetable while the consumption of red meat and sugar are reduced to the minimum levels possible. According to the scientists, transition to such a diet would cut down the number of premature deaths by 11.6 million while also preventing harm to the planet.

The diet comes at a time when scientists believe that the increasing population and the current consumption habits of human beings will ultimately lead us to a malnourished and dangerous state. In order to prevent this, as well as the healthy status of the planet, a global change of diet is required. However, considering the socio-economic status of most of this world, this isn’t practically easy.

The team understands that the stakes are very high and that the implementation of such a planetary diet is a Herculean task to say the least. However, they believe that the diet would also help human beings to stay nutritious in the long run. The authors also added that nutrition is one of the most ignored aspects today — even when diseases are given the topmost priority.

The diet has been based on a system of 2500 Kcal per day and a total of 300 grams would be contributed by vegetable alone.