Our Team

Nick William

Nick William – Sr. Editor
Email: nick@flwl.org
Phone: +1 512-845-8160

Nick William has an experience of more than seven years writing for the web. In the recent couple of years, he’s been focusing on the business sector, watching market trends and the growth of economies. At FLWL News, we use his services to keep our readers updated about the market. You can get in touch with him here.

Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones – Sr. Editor
Email: aaron@flwl.org
Phone: +1 512-845-8161

Aaron has been spending too much time with computers and gadgets from his childhood that he loves to read and write about technology. Our go-to person for compelling tech articles, Aaron puts his valuable insights and interpretations to the articles so that our readers know how these technologies are going to be impactful in their lives. You can get in touch with him here.

Lamia Yang

Lamia Yang – Author
Email: lamia@flwl.org
Phone: +1 512-845-8162

Lamia spent a couple of years interning at an organization that offered medical consultation before joining the editorial team at FLWL News. An enthusiastic fitness freak in the room, she offers the best amounts of insights and craft-based writing style to keep us up to date about the medicine industry, health and science. You can get in touch with him here.