Nestle Partner with Africa Food Prize to Strengthen Food Security in Africa

Nestle Partner with Africa Food Prize to Strengthen Food Security in Africa


Nestle has contributed 101,647 dollars to the Africa Food Prize to strengthen the bold initiatives and technical innovations, that will create a new era of food security and build great climate change resilience on the continent of Africa.

The Africa Food Prize is award that celebrates people from Africa who are taking control of the agriculture agenda of the continent with concepts that will change the current scenario of farming in the region. Every year, 100,000 dollars awarded to a unique and impactful agriculture-food initiative that can be implemented across the continent to fight against poverty and hunger, increase food security, and increase economic development and growth.

This year, Nestle has entered the initiative with a contribution of 101,647 dollars, a part of which will go to a special category focusing on new innovations that advance regenerative food systems.

Remy Ejel, CEO of Nestle for Asia, Oceania, and Africa, said that transforming agriculture to be sustainable and productive is key to decrease poverty, hunger, and improve livelihoods for the long term. Remy Ejel added that they aim to amplify and support different efforts driving the food systems and regenerative agriculture to enable better nutrition, productivity, and income for people living in Africa.

This partnership builds on the work of multinational conglomerates in Africa to improve the quality of nutrition. Nestle has taken great initiatives to expand the affordable nutrition across the world. The Africa Food Prize is a great opportunity to shine a light on amazing minds of Africa, giving the rest of them a chance to learn and continue their good work to achieve sustainability goals.