NASA's 'Opportunity' carrier on Mars is a great finish

NASA’s ‘Opportunity’ carrier on Mars is a great finish


After the last eight months of efforts to contact the ‘Opportunity career,’ the campaign has been announced after the failure. In June last year, due to the horrific cyclone on Mars, the portability of the portability was severely damaged, and it prevented the signal from coming to Earth.

After thousands of attempts to restore the contact, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) did not succeed in the engineers of Space Flight Operations.

On Tuesday, after the failed attempt to contact, the campaign was announced. The last time the solar-powered carrier was reached on June 10 last year

It was prepared for staying for 90 days on Mars and for a one-kilometer journey, but it worked several times in terms of expectations. Yan spent 60 times more time than the scheduled time and sent more than 45 kilometers and sent important information.

Thomas Jürbuchen, the assistant administrator of NASA’s Science Campaign Directorate, said that in the space exploration by spending more than a decade, the establishment has set a precedent.

It made aware of the whole aspects of Mars. Opportunity reached Mars on January 24, 2004, seven months after the launch of the Cape Canal Air Force Station in Florida.