Microsoft will launch Xbox Game Pass for PC

Microsoft will launch Xbox Game Pass for PC


Two years ago Microsoft launched Xbox Game Pass in Xbox One, a subscription service that allowed access to an extensive catalogue of games, without any limitations and downloaded to your console.

Now, this new system will be available also for PC; the technology company introduced Xbox Game Pass for PC, the platform that will give players unlimited access to a library of more than 100 high-quality games in Windows 10.

In a statement, he explained that the games are created by developers and publishers of PC games such as Bethesda, Deep Silver, Devolve Digital, Paradox Interactive and SEGA; among others.

He added that they intend to add new Xbox Game Studios games to the platform on the same day as their global launch, including recently acquired titles such as Obsidian and inXile.

“We are working with more than 75 developers and publishers to bring PC content to the service, and we will make sure that the library remains complete of excellent titles in a variety of genres, with new games every month,” he said.

The good news for users of this service is that they will receive up to 20% discount on games that are currently in the library and up to 10% on the DLC and add-ons.

Finally, the company announced that they would share more at their June 9 conference at E3 2019 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), including the games that come to the library, as well as more details about when and how the Xbox Game Pass can be experienced for PC