Mercedes-Benz and Luminar will make historic commitment to automated driving

Mercedes-Benz and Luminar will make historic commitment to automated driving


The alliance between Mercedes-Benz and Luminar makes it clear that the objective of expanding the brand is the most important. The intention behind this union is to use Luminar’s “lidar” technology to integrate it into the cars produced by the German brand. But what is the technology that this company will provide for the European manufacturer?

The highest technology in automated driving

The fact that Mercedes-Benz and Luminar are partnering is a perfect addition to the existing list of leading technology companies already collaborating with the manufacturer. Luminar is a global automotive technology company, recognized for being the first company to enable maximum-safety autonomous capabilities in production vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz’s achievement of SAE Level 3 already marked a breakthrough in autonomous driving. Therefore, this union is historic for the automotive world. As part of the partnership, the star’s signing will enable Luminar with a data-driven development approach to continuous product improvement and upgrade.

The Mercedes-Benz approach to safety

Mercedes-Benz and Luminar are committed to keeping safety as a central objective of this partnership. After all, the German brand has been setting the standard for where car safety is going to move for nearly 70 years. Without a doubt, the brand has been distinctive in promoting and perfecting security systems in all its vehicles.

Advanced driver assistance systems are designed to make life easier for customers. With DRIVE PILOT, Mercedes-Benz will offer conditionally automated driving along with cruise control, distance control, power steering and lane change.

In December 2021, the brand became the first car manufacturer to obtain internationally valid approval for these systems. There is no doubt that this drive system will go into production on both the S-Class and EQS this year. Technology is once again the protagonist for the star firm in what may be the future of driving.