Medicine: The vaccine against stress could be a reality in the future

Medicine: The vaccine against stress could be a reality in the future


Modern medicine has no limits and shows that it is the most recent vaccine that will soon become a reality. This will be perfect for all those who love to show off their obscene levels of stress in social networks since it is a vaccine that can prevent tension in humans.

One step closer to a perfect society
The benefits of someone not having stress are many since you can work without stopping and increase your productivity. In addition to that, your mood could not be affected by any contradictory eventuality that ruins your plans.

This is possible thanks to the analysis of a bacterium that lives in the earth that surrounds us, which was studied during 2018 and showed that it reduced the level of stress in mice.

The famous bacterium is called Mycobacterium vaccae. And if you can create a vaccine against stress, it could prevent the post-traumatic syndrome.

For this year, it was possible to find a lipid present in this bacterium, which seems to be the cause of stress elimination. Although it is believed that not only could prevent PTSD, but would serve for other types of treatments.

This is a big step for us because we identify an active component of a bacterium and the receptor for this active component in the host.

This is only one of the species of bacteria found in the fertile land, but there are many other millions of types on earth. We are just beginning to see the tip of the iceberg in terms of identifying the mechanisms by which they have evolved to keep us healthy.

No doubt, it sounds like something that could benefit humanity a lot, and not only within the work environment since the possibilities that this vaccine can have barely are beginning to be glimpsed.