McDonald's eco-friendly straws do not recycle

McDonald’s eco-friendly straws do not recycle


Plastic straws were banned from all British McDonald’s last September.

Plastic straws were eliminated in every branch of the country as part of an environmental campaign, and even if the fast-food giant had said they were “100% recyclable”. In Belgium, several banners had also abandoned plastic straws in a pilot project to promote cardboard straws. In the United Kingdom alone, 1.8 million straws are used every day in the chain’s restaurants, according to The Sun.

It seems that customers have complained about the quality of the cardboard straw, considered insufficiently solid, especially for consuming milkshakes. “McDonald’s has decided to strengthen them, but these new models can not be recycled.”

“When McDonald’s introduced the paper straws, the sign was praised for its responsible environmental policy,” said an employee, “but it looks like it was a publicity stunt. to appease climate activists because these straws go directly to the trash. “

The company says it is a temporary measure and is looking for a solution. “Lips are another possibility without waste for millions of years,” he said ironically.