Liner Manufacturers In Regional – Market demands and future


Over the past decade, key release liner manufacturers primarily emphasized pushing the product to the target consumer and considered liners as a critical attribute during the supply chain of coated product and adhesive product development. The followed strategy translated in enhanced brand visibility, increased sales, reduced brand recall rate, as well as a larger footprint in the respective target geographies.

A detailed examination of global release liner market and geographic assessment demonstrates that the global release liner market is characterized by a high concentration of raw material suppliers in few clusters, whereas presence of release liner product manufacturer in some other cluster. However, release liner product manufacturers are evenly scattered across all geographies, since they adopted “glocalization business strategy”.

In terms of total demand, Asia Pacific is estimated to dominate the global release liner market value share with 32.5% in 2016, followed by North America& Europe. The developed markets i.e. Europe and North America likely to create a substantial demand of release liner products worth over US$ 4.9 Bn, approximately 5% higher than the previous year. Latin America and Middle East is estimated to collectively represent slightly over 22% of global release liner market value, translating into US$ 2.3Bn in 2016.

Growth projection over the forecast period for release liner market across different geographies reflects a pattern which is more similar to overall labels market. Like the demand, Asia Pacific is also forecast to represent the market with leading CAGR of over 6.4% till 2020 and more optimistic to surge beyond 8% between 2020 and 2024. All other markets whether matured or at relatively embryonic stage projected to register less than 6.6% Y-o-Y during the forecast period. The growth in Asian market can be attributed by high concentration of manufacturers as well as off-takers of release liner products in the region. Furthermore, a substantial chunk of the liner products, as well as release liner product manufacturers, which previously had a manufacturing facility in China, are opting for China plus one policy, under which they might set up facilities either in Indonesia, Malaysia or some other ASEAN countries.
Key players in the global release liner market include Mondi Group, Avery Denison Corporation, 3M, Gascogne Group, UPM, Rayven Inc., Loparex Holding B.V.