Largest Known Diamond In North America Found In Canada

Largest Known Diamond In North America Found In Canada


In of the biggest discoveries in recent history, a massive 552-carat yellow diamond has been found in Canada. The diamond was found earlier in the year and is being touted as the largest ever excavated in the continent of North America. The company which made this discovery was a Canadian diamond mining company, ‘Dominion Diamond Mines’.

The company owns 40% stake in Diavik Diamond Mine project where the huge yellow diamond was found. The diamond was discovered in October but the company only made it official on Thursday through an official press release. The diamond was discovered at the site of Diavik Diamond Mine in the Northwest Territories region of Canada approximately 300 km from the city of Yellowknife.

According to the official statement released by Dominion Diamond Mines Company, the gemstone measures an astonishing 33.74 millimeters by 54.56 millimeters. It was during the recovery process at Diavik’s recovery plant that the gemstone caught the eyes of workers. The officials at the company noted that fact that the stone remained intact after the abrasion process was completed. Normally, stones of such size undergo a transformation during the recovery period and shrink in size. But this was in the case of yellow diamond.

Already, diamond merchants and value makers around the world have started estimating its value. However, Dominion Diamond Mines has denied any rumors of the stone getting sold in the near future. The company has said that diamond will not be sold in rough form and it is not fair to put a price tag on it soon. The company is yet to decide on a partner that will be given the responsibility to cut and shine the stone.

The latest find is greater in size as compared to the previous record holder diamond for this site the, ‘Diavix Foxfire’. The previous record holder was 187.7-carat and discovered in the year 2015 at the same site.