Instagram Reels are coming: new feature for making videos like TikTok

Instagram Reels are coming: new feature for making videos like TikTok


Instagram launches a new feature to create short 15 second videos with the ability to set the music and with several other effects very similar to those offered by TikTok. For the moment, the Reels, as the new Stories are called, will only be available in Brazil under test, with the idea of ​​extending them elsewhere and improving them thanks to user feedback,

Frightened by the success of TikTok, Mark Zuckerberg decided to create his own version to meet the tastes of adolescents. The new attempt comes after just over a year since the technology giant abandoned the idea of ​​Lasso, the app to create viral clips very similar to those of TikTok. A month ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed concern about the censorship of TikTok during a speech at Georgetown University.

According to a video released by TechCrunch, the new feature seems simple to use. The Reels can be found by scrolling to the right on the Instagram app, between the Boomerang and Super-Zoom modes within the Stories. You can record the clip without sound or choose a song from the Instagram music library. There is also the possibility of taking audio from other public Reels.

Reel editing tools are not as many as TikTok’s, at least for now. You can adjust the speed of the video, add captions and superimpose scenes for smoother transitions. The “masterpiece” can be uploaded to the Stories, in the closest Friends list, added to Highlights or sent to someone via a direct message. With the idea of ​​encouraging viral clips, public Reels have the option to appear in the Top Reels section on the Search tab.

“Instagram Stories has always been a place to express ourselves and we believe that this new format has enormous potential to allow people more creativity,” Instagram product manager Masking Robby Stein said.