IBM announces 53-qubit quantum computer soon

IBM announces 53-qubit quantum computer soon


IBM, which continues to explore quantum computing, announced on September 18 at the IBM Q Network that it will soon offer its customers 53-qubit quantum computers. The new system, scheduled for operation in the mid-next month, will be the largest general-purpose quantum computer for general use.

The new machine will be set up in IBM’s New York and also announced today in the Quantum Computation Center. The new center is essentially IBM’s data center for quantum computers, with five additional 20-qubit machines, which will increase to 14 next month. IBM promises 95% service availability for its quantum computers.

According to IBM, the new 53-qubit system includes a number of new technologies that will enable the cloud to provide a larger and more reliable system. Introducing a compact custom circuit that makes scaling easier and lowers the error rate, and a newly designed processor.

“In 2016, we launched the first cloud-based quantum computer with the goal of releasing quantum computing that was previously only available to some researchers to tens of thousands of users. “We’ve put a lot of effort into it,” says IBM Research director Dario Gil. “The goal of this enthusiastic community is to achieve what we call Quantum Advantage and help solve problems that couldn’t be done in today’s classic way. IBM’s quantum computer system I believe we can achieve that goal by spreading the word. “

The fact that IBM has begun to make quantum computing widely available shows the seriousness of the company’s commitment to quantum computing. The company’s quantum projects are currently being promoted in partnership with 80 organizations, including commercial, academic, and research. There are examples that have begun to solve practical problems on existing machines, but state-of-the-art quantum computing has only been able to test basic algorithms and solve simple problems.