Huawei has an alternative to Android "probably" faster

Huawei has an alternative to Android “probably” faster


At the end of June, Donald Trump suggested that Huawei’s restrictions would be eased, allowing him to work with US companies again. The Chinese, however, still appears to be on the blacklist of the Ministry of Commerce.

The ban on Huawei means that the manufacturer can not use Google’s Android software. But it seems that Ren Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of Huawei, does not count on a return to the Android family.

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Zhengfei recently mentioned HongMeng OS with Le Point. This is the operating system designed to minimize its dependence on Android. And according to the founder, HongMeng OS is “probably” faster than Android.

But if the leader boasts the ability of his OS to run on multiple devices, including phones, cars, and data centers, he must recognize the lack of a solution for the Google Play Store and App. Store. Huawei is currently working on creating an alternative to application stores.

And if the CEO of the Chinese manufacturer speaks on these topics, it is to emphasize that in the event of withdrawal from the US blacklist, Huawei is likely to continue nevertheless to use its own operating system.

Even though some of the company’s phones use Qualcomm chips, most of its flagships ship Kirrin’s own processors. The company’s quarrel with the US government may ultimately make it more autonomous than ever – if HongMeng can compete with Android, of course.