How probiotics can help solve intestinal problems

How probiotics can help solve intestinal problems


According to data from the American Association of Gastroenterology, between 69 percent and 75.2% of Mexicans go to the doctor for intestinal problems. As summer vacation begins, many people choose to rest and recharge their batteries. Therefore, they drink and eat what they regularly deprive themselves of, which can lead to the need to take probiotics.

In this sense, Pearls shared some tips so that people can enjoy their vacations feeling more confident of not suffering from intestinal problems. The first thing is to consume water, to keep the body hydrated all day. Being exposed to the sun begins to manifest dehydration as fatigue or stress.

In addition, by hydrating, the intestinal microbiota, previously known as intestinal flora, is protected and cared for. Which is made up of living microorganisms that help shield the body from external agents to prevent intestinal problems.

It is important to have a nutritious diet to create and care for the barrier of microorganisms. This prevents or reduces symptoms such as inflammation, irritation and in some cases diarrhea.

Currently, there are supplements such as probiotics, which help the intestinal microbiota. By ingesting probiotics in the right amounts, they manage to fulfill their function of protecting the intestine, avoiding discomfort and other intestinal problems.

Pearl recommended that those looking to include probiotics in their daily diet choose those with different layers, which use True Delivery Technology. This allows organisms to be protected to ensure their arrival alive where they have to go. Arriving at their proper place, the number of beneficial bacteria in the body is increased to optimize gastrointestinal function and health.

Probiotics control inflation, improve lactose tolerance and regulate intestinal transit. The Cleveland Clinic explains that probiotics not only benefit the intestine, but also the mouth, urinary tract, vagina, lungs, and even the skin.

So, a solution to prevent intestinal problems would be from digestive care with probiotics. This can be achieved with a balanced diet, supplemented with supplements to strengthen the nutrients that the body receives.