"Golden" asteroid could make billionaires to inhabitants of the earth

“Golden” asteroid could make billionaires to inhabitants of the earth


The scientists discovered that the asteroid. Psyche 16 has heavy metals valued at 700 quintillion dollars. The asteroid could turn all the inhabitants of the earth into billionaires, Oil Price reported

The world economy destroyed by the asteroid
The medium states that the special object contains metals such as gold, iron, and nickel enough for each resident of the planet receives a trillion dollars. As of 2022, NASA plans to explore the asteroid.

John Zarnecki, professor and president of the Royal Astronomical Society of the United Kingdom, explained that it would take more than 25 years to know if gold can be extracted from the space and 50 years to start commercial production.

The mining industry in space
Currently, the United States and China are enlisting from their positions for what, according to Mitch Hunter-Scullion, founder of Asteroid Mining Company, will be the future of the mining industry.

According to estimates, the global market of asteroid mining will reach three thousand 800 million dollars in 2025, this due to missions and investments in technologies for that sector. – With information from RT