Five recommendations to improve lifestyle if you have diabetes

Five recommendations to improve lifestyle if you have diabetes


According to data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey, in Mexico eight million 600 thousand people suffer from diabetes mellitus, being the sixth country worldwide in prevalence of this disease. Also, according to the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), diabetes mellitus is the first cause of death among women and the second among men.

Diabetes is caused when the body does not make or use insulin well, causing the level of sugar or glucose in the blood to rise. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas, helps glucose from food to reach blood cells and convert into energy. It is important to note that diabetes is not cured and if not treated in time can cause serious health problems. Among the long-term effects caused by diabetes can be blindness, kidney failure, sexual impotence and even amputations.

The general practitioner and the endocrinologist are the health professionals who care for this condition and both agree, a healthy lifestyle and the indicated medical treatment manage to control the condition to lead a healthy and happy life. Doctoralia shared with the NotiPress team five recommendations for living well with diabetes, one of which consists of eating healthy, avoiding processed and fatty food, as well as sweets, juices and soft drinks. Also exercise, which allows to avoid overweight and obesity, diseases also correlated with diabetes. Also, maintaining a good diet and physical activity help prevent diabetes.

Also, maintaining good mental health is important, when performing actions that reduce stress such as deep breaths, meditation, practicing a hobby or relying on a therapist. It is also important to take medications to keep glucose under control and monitor glucose levels with a glucometer, which allows you to monitor any irregularities. The importance of visiting the doctor and carrying out periodic studies guided by a health specialist was highlighted.

A tip to achieve a balanced meal is to put vegetables in the middle of the plate, in a quarter a low-fat protein such as beans or chicken and in the other quarter pasta or brown rice. Drinking water and increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole grains, as well as low-calorie dairy, contributes to a better diet. Doctoralia mentioned that some beneficial foods to keep sugar levels under control are fish rich in omega 3, green leafy vegetables, cinnamon, turmeric, chia, nuts and flaxseed.

It is necessary to combine feeding with muscle strengthening exercises twice a week and among the activities that can be performed are weight lifting, push-ups, abs and some forms of yoga. It is crucial to remember that each body is different, for this it is important to consult the doctor before establishing an exercise routine or a diet style. Living with diabetes is not a death sentence, if you follow the recommendations of health professionals you can live well and with an optimal quality of life. The important thing is to adopt a healthy and beneficial lifestyle in the long term.