Elon Musk twist his arm and will make fans for US hospitals

Elon Musk twist his arm and will make fans for US hospitals


After several dimes and emails through Twitter, the owner of Tesla agreed to close some of his factories and convert them to make fans to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic in the North American country that already has more than 10,000 infected people.

After the WHO decreed that Covid-19 as a pandemic, there have been many unfortunate statements by country leaders and well-known faces in the industry.

Thus, as firms like Ford and General Motors convert their factories in the United States to manufacture artificial respirators, the billionaire founder of Tesla and Space-X, Elon Musk, chose Twitter to declare that “The panic over the coronavirus is silly”, unleashing a wave of criticism from both the automotive industry and manufacturers in general.

Days before, Musk had also pointed out on his Twitter account that “Panic is more dangerous and will cause more damage than the virus itself.”

In the face of criticism, but without retracting his remarks, the magnate finally agreed to his government’s request to begin the manufacture of respirators to complete a total of 30,000, since to date there are only six thousand units, in a country where the infected already exceed 10 thousand.

Thus, in his last communication on the bird’s network, the owner of Tesla, responded to the user @justpaulinelol with news about the fans, noting that “we hope to have more than 1,200 to distribute this week. Getting them delivered, installed and starting to work is the most difficult part, ”he assured.

During the crisis that has generated the Covid-19 at the American level, Tesla was one of the last companies to temporarily lower its curtains, since only last Thursday they indicated that they would close their plants in California and New York, while the others will remain open to ensure delivery of your Tesla to those who have recently purchased a vehicle.

In addition, the electric car magnate has already started with direct donations of N95 masks and PAPR helmets to different entities that have requested it through social networks.

Apparently, in this case, the bad press did not like Elon Musk very much.