Donald Trump's historic step, North Korea reached Kim Jong

Donald Trump’s historic step, North Korea reached Kim Jong


US President Donald Trump met Sunday in North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong, in the civilian area. After that, Kim Jong, along with Donald Trump, stepped on North Korean soil. At the same time, Donald Trump has become the first American president who has stepped on North Korean soil.

Not only that, but American President Donald Trump also invited Qin Jong to come to the White House. During this, Trump also praised North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong. At present, the two leaders are interacting with each other.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong have called this meeting historically. Trump said that it is a matter of great pride for North Korea to come to Earth. At the same time, Kim Jong told them that this meeting reflects their better relationships with Donald Trump.

Recently the United States had sealed the North Korean cargo ship taking illegal possession of coal. Kim Jong showed them a stern position on this. North Korea also conducted missile tests, and Kim Jong also instructed his army to increase firepower.

Before meeting Kim Jong, on Sunday, Donald Trump met South Korea’s, President Moon, meet him and made bilateral talks. Let us tell you that some time ago, US President Donald Trump threatened to blow North Korea with a nuclear bomb, and North Korea would show America its eyes. Donald Trump himself, Kim Jong has attacked and threatened him several times. North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un also responded strongly to the threat and attack of Trump. He also called Trump Anap-Sanap. However, now, things have changed, and both countries have joined hands.

America’s President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong met among them for the first time in Singapore. After this, Donald Trump praised Kim Jong. At the same time, both countries agreed to reduce tension and improve relations through negotiations.