Donald Trump warns of closing Mexico-US border

Donald Trump warns of closing Mexico-US border


American President Donald Trump has warned that if Mexico does not stop illegal entry of refugees, then the American-Mexico border will be sealed. Trump on Friday accused Mexico of interacting with journalists on Friday that it is not blocking refugees coming from the southern border. They said, “If Mexico does not stop them, then we will close the border. We will close this limit and keep it off for a long time. I am not playing any game. “

This statement of the President came a week after Twitter warned on Twitter about this. He tweeted, “If Mexico does not stop all the refugees from the southern border immediately, then I will close the border next week or a large portion of the border will be sealed.” After Trump’s warning, Mexico’s foreigners Secretary Marcelo Ebrard issued a statement saying that Mexico is not afraid of threats. He does not work with the risk of threats.

Trump had landed in the presidential election in 2016, with the promise to build a wall on the Mexican border. He also stepped in to fulfill his promise, but for the construction of this, he did not get billions of dollars of sanction from Congress. After this, he has been continuously threatening to stop this border from the end of last year.

Trump last year deployed troops on the south-west front of the Latin American countries, claiming refugees from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala to move about 5,000-7,000 refugees to the US. After this, he had announced the National Emergency in February about his demand of billions of dollars for the construction of a wall on the border of Mexico. Under this announcement, he had instructed to utilize the funds allocated for the anti-drug campaign to start partial construction of a new wall.

Recently the headquarters of the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) told Parliament that it has approved the transfer of one billion dollars for the construction of a new wall on the US-Mexico border. However, the Democratic leaders have opposed it. According to defense sources, 57 billion fencing on the southern border, one billion dollars will be given to improve the roads and take other steps.