Coronavirus: A five month baby, second case confirmed in Murcia

Coronavirus: A five month baby, second case confirmed in Murcia


The Ministry of Health has reported this Sunday a second confirmed case of ‘coronavirus’ in the Region of Murcia. This is a five-month-old baby who had also traveled with his parents to Madrid.

The number of cases of coronavirus in Spain is already above 600 and the number of fatalities rises to 17, after the death of three people in the Community of Madrid, three in the Basque Country and one in Aragon . The deceased in Madrid in the last hours have been three men of 73, 77 and 88 years; those of the Basque Country three women of 92, 88 and 87 years; and that of Aragon has been an 85-year-old patient who was admitted to the Lozano Blesa University Hospital of Zaragoza.

Meanwhile, in Italy, which is the European country most affected by the coronavirus, it has prohibited by decree the entrances and exits of the Lombardy region and other 14 regions. In addition, the departments of Oise and Haut-Rhin will remain from this Monday for two weeks as a precaution to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus outbreak. The measure affects 165,000 students in Oise and 127,000 in the Upper Rhine.

In China, 3,119 deaths have been confirmed due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the country and the number of infected people has risen to 80,735 on Monday. In South Korea, the figure has risen to 7,382, while the death toll has risen to 51.