China first planted cotton plant on the Moon's Far Side

China first planted cotton plant on the Moon’s Far Side


After planting cotton seeds on China’s Rover sent to the moon, for the first time, a plant is growing on the moon outside our world. Scientists have informed this on Tuesday.
According to a series of photographs released from Chongqing University’s Advanced Technology Research Institute, this seed of this month of Chang’e 4 has developed from the lattice-like structure within a canister after landing on the moon. Xie Gengxin, who led the design of the experiment, said, “This is the first time human beings have used experiments for plant growth on the surface of the Moon in biology.”

Increasing China’s ambition to become a superpower in the space sector, Chang’e 4 landed in the farthest part of the Moon on January 3 and became the world’s first spacecraft to reach the never-seen part of the natural satellite. Scientists at Chongqing University sent a bucket box of 18 centimeters of air, water, and soil. Within this, fruits, fly eggs and east were sent along with the seeds of each plant of cotton, potato and mustard species.

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The University said that the photographs sent by the spacecraft showed that the cotton shoots are being developed from the finest, but so far the seeds of other plants have not been reported.