Boeing successful test of a flying car: Outside of Washington DC

Boeing successful test of a flying car: Outside of Washington DC


Boeing, the largest company to make aerospace and airplane in the world, is approaching to build its flying taxi for Uber. Boeing told that on Tuesday, the first successful test of Autonomous Air Taxi was carried out at a small airport outside of Washington DC. There was no rider in this taxi.

According to Boeing, the air taxi flight is less than a minute away. This air-conditioned air taxi got upstream from the ground, hovering in the air for some time on the runway and then down. Right now its flight has not been tested. Boeing did not say how much the plane had gone up from the ground.

75 km journey in a flight

This prototype of the flying car is 30 feet long and 26 feet wide. It is designed in such a way that it can cover a distance of 75 km on the fly.

Other companies are also doing the work in this direction.

Apart from Boeing, many tech companies from Airbus and Silicon Valley are also working on the flying car. Technically this aircraft is being called Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing. It is believed that due to its arrival the nature of the traffic will change – especially in urban areas, there will be a revolution in transport.

Audi is working on the concept of flying car with Italian design. Automobile has created a prototype of a vehicle whose wings can be separated and carried on the road.