Boeing Rolls Out First 737 From The New Factory In China

Boeing Rolls Out First 737 From The New Factory In China


Aviation giant, Boeing rolled out first 737 aircraft from its new factory in China. The aircraft made its debut in the 90-day open window given during the US-China trade tussle. The new Boeing assembly line in China is located in Zhoushan and covers more than 100-acre of space. Workers at the facility install interiors of the 737s that are built at Boeing’s parent factory in Seattle.

The primary objective of having a large facility in China is to meet the sale requirements in this part of the world. For a long time, Boeing is looking to create a stronghold on what is touted be the largest global aviation market. The facility in China is a joint venture between Boeing and China’s Commercial Aircraft Corporation (COMAC). This will be a first for Boeing, having such a large facility outside the native US. Air China became the first airline to get delivery of the 737 rolled out from Chinese plant in Zhoushan.

The move by Boeing to have the latest facility in China is being as a significant step to complement the growth of the airline industry in China. However, many critics have panned the move claiming that such facilities will take business and employment away from the US. But Boeing is not disturbed by such criticism as the company right now is all focused on staying ahead of European arch-rival Airbus.

Reports suggest that China is all set to take over the United States as the world’s biggest air travel market by 2022. This means that China will need a lot more airplanes and increased competition between aircraft manufacturers. Earlier this year Boeing found in the middle of a trade war between China and the US. The trade war lasted for months and only earlier this month was truce called upon to negotiate some broader terms.