Apple Internal IOS Blocks on Google App for Privacy Abuse

Apple Internal iOS Blocks on Google App for Privacy Abuse


Apple has taken strict action after the news of Google collecting data from iOS users without permission. Apple has banned the distribution of internal iOS apps by Google. According to The Verge report, early versions of Google Maps, Hangouts, Gmail and other apps have stopped working on iOS devices. On the other hand, iOS devices on the special transport app Gbus and Google’s internal café app made for employees were also stopped.

Closed apps for this reason

From yesterday’s press coverage, it was revealed that Google is exposing data from iOS users through its Screenwise Meter app. Google said that this app offers information about people 18 years of age or older, but information about 13-year-old users is also getting acquainted with the violation of the privacy rules.

In doing so, Google apologized for removing the Screenwise Meter app from the Apple Enterprise Certificates program, but Google showed offense and sternly blocked Google’s internal iOS apps.

Previously Apple had blocked Facebook’s Research app.

Earlier this week, Apple had banned Facebook from installing the internal iOS app because Apple’s enterprise certification provided the software to Apple users outside of the App Store. Let us tell you that Facebook was compiling all types of data through the Research App, which included instant messaging chats, e-mails, web activity and location information, including user’s private messages, photos, and videos after this Apple has now banned Google to distribute the Internal iOS app.

Google Feedback

When Google blocks Google’s internal apps, Google’s spokesperson has said that they are working on this issue with Apple. It is hoped that in the coming time, the telecommunication solution will be removed from the company’s corporates.