Amazon plans to open a new grocery store in several cities

Amazon plans to open a new grocery store in several cities


It starts in Los Angeles, and this year: Amazon wants to open dozens of new supermarkets in several major US cities, writes the “Wall Street Journal,” citing informed people.

Leases have already been signed for two more stores to be launched in early 2020. Other cities could be San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia and the US capital Washington. The Group is also considering buying local supermarket chains, each with around a dozen stores.

An opinion from Amazon did not exist at first. However, the step did not come as a surprise either: In recent years, media reports have read about the company’s plans to open hundreds of stores in the USA.

Amazon is already experimenting with the integration of online and offline

The group of founder and CEO Jeff Bezos had already taken over the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods. However, according to the report, the new stores will not be under this brand and instead offer other, cheaper products. It is still unclear whether the new chain could run under Amazon’s brand name, it said.

Whole Foods is more of a supplier of expensive foods and generally has no artifacts, preservatives or sweeteners in its assortment. There, Amazon also experimented with special offers for users of its paid subscription service Prime, which offers so far mainly online benefits.

The group runs several innovative stores called “Amazon Go,” which do not have cash registers – cameras and other sensors detect which items take customers out of the rules and plug them in. The system works, but Amazon uses it so far on smaller retail spaces.

In New York, Amazon has opened a bookstore and sells (almost) only products that have been well rated by users on the online platform. At least four stars should have received the goods offered, according to the shop is called “Amazon 4-Star”.