Amazon is canceling plans for New York Headquarters

Amazon is canceling plans for New York Headquarters


New York City is losing the biggest investment project in its history. The world’s largest mail-order company Amazon has surprisingly announced that it will not build its new shared second headquarters in New York’s Long Island City district as planned.

The largest city in the US would have received 25,000 new jobs and an additional 100,000 indirect jobs associated with the Amazon settlement through the settlement of Amazons, for which 200 cities had previously applied in the United States and Canada.

Resistance to the new building
The technology company cited the rejection as the growing resistance of local politicians and New York citizens against the billion dollar project. Recently, politicians have criticized the city and state of New York have promised Amazon too many subsidies.

From the beginning, union representatives, neighborhood groups and local politicians had rejected the billion dollar deal. Critics also feared a rent explosion in the city and traffic chaos around them in Long Island City to be built headquarters. “We’re taking back our economy, our democracy, this is our neighborhood,” said a union representative in New York.

According to polls, Amazon said 70 percent of New York would welcome a second city headquarters in the city, but the opposition would lack the trusting climate needed for such a billion dollar project.

Mayor disappointed by the decision
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio responded with a furious explanation to the sudden cancellation of the online group. His city offered Amazon all possibilities. You have the best employees and the greatest talents in the world. If Amazon does not recognize that, says de Blasio, the company’s competitors will.

Arlington remains as a new location
The online retailer had initially wanted to share its second headquarters next to the Seattle headquarters. In addition to New York, Arlington was awarded the contract in Virginia near the US capital in Washington DC.

The plans there are not affected by the withdrawal in New York. Currently, Amazon also said, no new location search for another location will be started. Instead, they want to expand existing locations in Canada and the USA.