About Us

FLWL News is, at the core, is a platform that prioritizes authentic news on top of everything else. We would like to be a platform that caters to the craving for information. We would like to publish news that others do have to ignore due to their political inclinations, fear or ignorance. FLWL News is powered by a group of the most enthusiastic people when it comes to news reporting, writing and the ethics involved in the process. In order to achieve all these, we also make use of the high-end technologies and communication platforms in the long run. We cover news content from a variety of categories as well.

Technology, Business, Health, and Science are currently four of the major areas that FLWL News focuses on! Rather than publishing articles in a hurry, we love to confirm the authenticity of the articles before making a commitment to the readers. Therefore, readers can be clear whether they are reading some important and authentic news from our sources. FLWL News also follows a few methods to join the ongoing fight against fake and unverified news. All the articles published at FLWL News, regardless of the category, have the base on accountable sources. At the end of the day, you won’t have to worry about the authenticity part.

Next up, we have the editorial team to thank. Without this group of veterans, we cannot stand in this world of information explosion, you know. We have also gained the help of some fresh minds who help us build a bunch of impressive strategies for publishing and maintaining news articles. Last but not least, we believe that our readers are the best assets we have in the world, for many reasons. We, at FLWL, expect the full support from our readers so that we can keep doing the fearless journalism that we’re doing right now.