A new iPhone SE expected in spring 2020

A new iPhone SE expected in spring 2020


The iPhone SE – vintage 2020 – would be equipped with a 4.7 “screen.

According to the Nikkei newspaper, Apple has restarted the project of a new generation iPhone SE. The new model would be marketed in the spring of 2020.

The device would be equipped with a 4.7 “screen, drastically smaller than that of the iPhone XI. Some components would be identical to that of his elder. The device would, however, target a very different audience since its tariff would turn around 400 €, according to the source of information.

At this price, we must not expect a technological revolution. It is likely that Apple opts for an LCD screen, a single photosensor and abandons the identification system Face ID.

A new iPhone SE was already supposed to see the day in 2019, but its release would have been canceled at the last minute by Apple, not confident of the potential of its product – supposed to target a niche market.