A child hospitalized after swallowing an AirPod

A child hospitalized after swallowing an AirPod


Many AirPods owners have lost one of their headphones. This is so common that Apple offers customers the option of purchasing coin-operated headphones for a – nice – amount. What is rather rare is when an owner swallows one of his headphones. However, this was the case of a 7-year-old boy from Georgia (United States).

It was the boy’s mother who shared her child’s story on the American channel Channel 2 to warn other parents of the risks this gadget poses for young children. The AirPods were also a Christmas present from the mother to her son.

A few days after Christmas, the boy accidentally swallowed one of his wireless headphones while holding it between his lips. The mother does not say how exactly her son managed to swallow him, but says the case was a first for the doctors who saw him in the emergency room.

Doctors were able to locate the earpiece in the boy’s body using an x-ray. A location which made it possible to exclude an operation. Doctors preferred to opt for a less invasive solution: nature will run its course and the boy’s body will evacuate intruders naturally.

The mother said that her son did not want to be near his phone, which was paired with his headphones. He is afraid that the AirPod will play a sound from his intestines.

While it is true that Apple does not indicate a minimum age for using this product, AirPods are not necessarily suitable for all ages. As with toys made up of small parts, Apple’s wireless headphones should perhaps not be left in the hands of young children, as this story demonstrates.