NASA finds an image of the bear on Mars

NASA finds an image of the bear on Mars

HiRISE, a high-resolution camera operated by the University of Arizona that works on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) mission, has taken this picture of Mars’ red planet. It is reminiscent of the face of the bear. The orbital photo, which was taken on December 12, 2022, actually depicts the hill as the shape of a […]


Study shows differences between men's and women's lung repair

Study shows differences between men’s and women’s lung repair

A study published in the journal Stem Cell Reports shows that there are probably differences between males and females in lung repair after a viral infection. The research, led by professors from the University of Pennsylvania Montserrat Anguera and Andrew Vaughan, studies genetic differences in the cells that are responsible for repairing the lungs in […]